About Us


BJW Agribusiness was established in 2017 (formerly Bedbrook Johnston Williams) with Tim Johnston, David Williams and later joined by Brent Searle.

Throughout the history of the business we have always had a mix of management and consulting work that has provided us with significant experience to advise clients on key issues in their decision making.

Our diversity in client location, financial scale and enterprise mix allows us to capture some of the most innovative business management principles adopted by the best farmers in the state.


BJW AGRIBUSINESS aspires to be the leading provider of agricultural management services to progressive farmers and absentee owners in Western Australia. Always looking to expand throughout the South West of WA, BJW Agribusiness are continually taking on new clients and looking for diverse business.

Throughout the history of our property management work, we have gained knowledge of the management of viticulture and tree farming enterprises in Western Australia. Our knowledge does not stop there as we offer extensive specialist services including expert witness advice, viability assessments and banking reviews. In addition to this BJW has a strong history of managing agricultural investments.

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  • Independent and timely advice
  • Innovation in business management
  • Teamwork
  • Fulfilment of our clients and staff


BJW AGRIBUSINESS provide services to agricultural enterprises in the South West land division of Western Australia including areas from Geraldton to Esperance, as well as pastoral industry consulting.